Petshop-Christmas … with Kita!

Okay! You never believe this! This is quite a story to tell! Punch line? Reward for shopping and counter surfing for this lady! Go figure! 😉

I know my mum sometimes has funny ideas, well, her human pup learned her education-lessons well: she even has more funny ideas! I explain! 😉

Human pup runs a pet shop! That’s old news: friends all over the world know that! Told it often enough! Now human pup, she said she wanted a special and original christmas tree on her shop-counter! So she started thinking some time ago!
One evening the human pup made the black thing making noice and mum was talking in the black thing with her. Mum was laughing and said she tought that idea was a good one! That she would start immediately to be ready in time. 🙂

Start what, mum? Crocheting? Another CopyKita? No? Fishes? Owls? Ducks? My dogness, a whole zoo! And so she did! 😉

Today, the whole zoo was in a bag and off we went. Great surprise: at the end of the drive we arrived at the shop of the human pup! Mum??? Dad??? We were here last week too! Mum went into the little kitchen of the shop… Result? A christmas tree all decorated… with animals! Pets in the Christmas tree of a petshop! This human pup is really mum’s pup, that’s clear! 😉 ❤

And the punch line? I got treats to surf on the counter and to admire their idea! All for the fototoot for the promo on their page and site on the tv-typing-machine! I’m really a VIA=Very Important Airelady! And of course, I did what was asked immediately in this case! hahahaha! 😉

Don’t think I should start counter surfing at home: that, on the contrary of the tree-idea, would be a very bad idea! 😦

Be sure, lady Kita, be sure of that!!!

PS Human pup has a pheasant living in the back yard of the shop… he came there one day and stayed… just like that!

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