Evening walks … these days…

Remember last year, when me and mum went into town and I had to protect her? The four drunken young lads? Then you will remember the wheel with the Rainbow Bridge Colours. Grandpa makes it turn around, you know, to say hello to us! 😉 ❤

Well, these days, at night we see it again! And this year we see more lights and colours then last year! This is great…

Me and mum made a fototoot! That was very difficult, in the dark! Some pics are “artyfarty”, and the pics of me?… Better not talk about them. 😦 Only can say this: if you look very carefully you see me and a bit of the colours too… hahaha. We had fun though, me and mum. Even got several treats for waiting patiently during the filming… 🙂

PS This was last year… https://everydayanairedale.com/2014/12/24/human-holidays-many-lights-and-other-bizar-situations/





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