Lady Kita… ready for Christmas! :-)

Mum is busy these days! Lots of work in her library and at home she is busy too! She does a lot of things… but one is quite nice, I think…

This time of year, lots of people get a tree in the house and they decorate it, you know! First my mum did the special decoration of the petshoptree. Remember last week? Human pup has that little fake tree in which she wanted critters… 🙂 ❤

We have a fake tree too (decoration is for next week!) but my mum got a great idea: she made a whole fake tree! 😉 ❤

And not a very small one as the one for her library…oh no! This one measures about 40 cm! To make it even bigger she did put it on a flowerpot. 🙂 Good idea! It has a star on it! And light in it, too! Just as the other one we have!

So I did a lot of sniffing this week to give my approval! 😉

PS I’ll add some pics of the other trees for those who missed them earlier! 😉

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