The little one… and the very big ones!

Yesterday morning during our morning walk I saw something very special and very big too… A huge, but really a huge house on our river Scheldt. Go figure! It came there, just like that, during the night! And oh my dogness: mum had no red thing with her!

But when mum is at her library, there is my dad! ❤ I asked and asked and he took the blinking thing and we went for a fototoot, a little one. When mum came home, the very huge house was gone, but we had the pictures! Mum was happy! 🙂

And now, go figure this out! Tonight, during the evening walk? There was another one! As big and even bigger as the other one. Mum said: little one, we go home and get the red thing! 😉
It’s a pity I’m not on these pics: too dark!

These days grandpa surely says: the little one is little near these big ones: the cruise ships! 😉

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