Macho looking for… a home for a sweet grandma!

This time, the message on the tv-typing-machine was for me! Yes, for me: lady Kita van ’t Asbroek! And the message came from my mum!! 🙂
What do you say: she does not have to write me?? Silly you, not my human mum, my doggie mum! She is not here, so she writes me! 🙂

My mum Funnygirl van ’t Asbroek is back from the Netherlands: she lived their for about 5 years. But she is back home because her dad died and her mum is a bit ill… That is what she writes!

At home (my birthplace), there are several nice young girls. They are very friendly with her: she is a grandma now (11) and deserves respect. But there also is the big macho Sunny. He thinks only HE deserves the respect from the young girls… My mum Fun (always called angel by her human mum – you see where my genes come from? 😉 ) accepts that but she still wants a quiet home at her age. 
I understand: that’s what my grandpa often said: young girls are too busy!
So she wrote me the message to ask me to look around with my friends if we can help and find her a quiet home.

If the française was not here, I would order mum and dad to get in the car and go for Mummy Funny! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ And they really would do… but that is not the reality… 😉

Human mum took a few pics of doggie mum and the girls and Sir Sunny! 🙂

PS Do not mistake! I am not in the pics, although my lookalike is! 🙂


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