For once: … smart mum! hahaha

This is rather old news, but about ten days ago my mum showed she really can be smart if she is not too stubborn. ❤

What do you say? Should I explain? Of course I will!

Well, our drinking bowl is on a quite big kind of carpet. Mum says we are messy drinkers, surely the française is. Me not that bad. And that is the truth, my mum says that too! 😉

Back to the kind of carpet: we love to sleep on it too. Sissie Lizzie and me sometimes are arguying about it. Mum got this super idea!!! We sleep in the kitchen at night (yes, our kitchen is dale-proof, even for the française). 😉

And you know what? We got a very big same carpet in the kitchen… We are so happy mum understood it. But mum has a little problem now… we are often on the new carpet, even when she is cooking! 😉 Hahahahaha… Get the picture? 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Hey Baby and Hootie!! Nice to hear from you! Before we had carpets too, even special ones for doggies but we played with them in stead of sleeping on them! That’s why mum changed! This one is too big to play with and too heavy, it has an isolating coat under it! 😉 Hugs, Kita (and Lizzie…)

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