Showing off… my new haircut!

p1400996-85x100– “Comment tu me trouves, Kita? What do you think of my new coiffure? You won’t have to pluck my fur anymore when we go about our fighting and Bitey-Face business!” 😉

– “It’s alright, I guess. All I know is how my original Human Dad Van ’t Asbroek does it. I very much like to go there, to meet my family members every once in a while.”

– “Je comprends, I wouldn’t mind either, but he was ill, tu te souviens, and after that he went à l’étranger, somewhere even beyond the sea where we go and play now and then.”

– “I know, little française. You went where we spend our holidays, when Mum and Dad can’t take us with them, didn’t you? Where all the big Berner Sennen-doggies are.” 🙂

– “Eh bien, oui! I didn’t meet the doggies, though. I had to stand and sit very still for quite some time. Heureusement, this grooming lady has des mains professionnelles as well, just like my original Human Mum, who taught me how to take this treatment with style.” 🙂

– “Let’s go! Mum is calling. She wants to make a fototoot to show your new haircut to all my friends around the world, and to Dad Van ’t Asbroek, and your original Human Mum.”

– “Bien sûr! I’m très curieuse to find out what they think of me now!”

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie


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