Hihihi… the française on her back too!

This was fun, this was really fun! We have a new girlfriend,  a very young one! But my goodness, she is strong. 😉

You know that sissie Lizzie always bites in my hind legs. To stop it, I go on my back! Mum calls that an ippon! I never do fatigue myself to get the française on her back, I only do it when I am angry with her: when she goes in MY crate etc. 🙂

Hahaha, our new girlfriend Leah, what did she do? She got an ippon with me, but lots of ippons with sissie Lizzie! I had fun! I looked at it as the judge! Several ippons. Bravo for Leah but for mum too: video and pics! ❤





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