Getting cooler… where???

In Antwerp the temperature is high… 32°C and more! Too high for grandpa Lennox and my mum! And for me too! So dad takes us all somewhere to cool down… We go there in the car! 🙂

My grandpa Lennox and I, we like that place, oh yes! 🙂 My mum and dad too! 🙂 Can you see on the pictures where we were?

Maybe I should give you a tip! Somewhere in my blog you can find it! 🙂 And the statue you see far away? Well, he’s an ancestor of the people they are talking about today, especially today: the 21st of july 2013! And maybe I can tell you that place is in Belgium… 🙂

Now we are home and I can show the pictures my mum made!

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