Yes, yes… well trained!

Today was a beautiful sunny winterday! It started good! At noon, we were going to the dogpark nearby! The française was very, very happy. Her big lover was there: Rex.
Well, because he is not my lover and only 8 or 9 months old, he is not my favorite! Surely not after today!

What happened? The 2 youngsters were playing very wild and running like fools. They don’t look to who else is in the park. Three weeks ago, they got dad down on the ground… Not too much harm done, but really… this lady got never a human down on the ground! 🙂

Well, playing too wild they both run into me at , at least, 40 km/hour! No, i do not exaggerate!!!! Well, I stayed on my four feet but from the big smack against me, THEY fell down at my feet. Dad was nearby and came to see… as always I stayed my stoïc self and walked to mum. She cleaned my face and leg: their dirty feet went up in my face… Mum said: we go home, keep moving a bit, do not lay down.
No pics, too fast, all what happened… 😦

Normally when I hear the word: home, in a dogpark, i don’t like it… this time however… 🙂

The française as well as I slept all afternoon. Because we are self-cleaning, you see exactly where we slept all afternoon!
But mum is really well trained, as you can see in the pictures! 😉

2020? The year with … the biggest misser ever!

Well, it is some time ago, that it happened… but mum was repeating me so often that I should tell this too on my storypage… i did not want to… but in the end i gave in… she said i should be honest and not only be bluffing and boasting about being a lady and a queen… 😉
Well… nobody is perfect in this life… and i am sure my friends will understand me! ❤

As you know my mum is in the crocheting business! She makes a lot of things! Well, she is making a cover for our big red couch. The one we, for all means, are not allowed on! And if I say: not, then I mean: NOT.
So we do not do it, even the française never does!

When part one of the cover was finished, she installed it to see what it looks like! And i fully agree: it is nice and colourful. In cotton, so soft too… ❤

Because I am in the inspection business… well, what did I do? I tried it out… i went on the NOT-couch!!! 😉

Oooohoooh, my dogness! Who came in with her black blinking thing in her hand? Mum!
I never heard her yell that hard, well maybe once, when i was very young when i ate the froozen chicken i got from the kitchen counter. Never did that again, i can tell you!
The whole building and people in the street have heard her yelling at me! Because i was on the new cover of the NOT-couch! 😦

End of story: I got off… 😉 I was going to try it one second time but when i saw only mum’s eyes… well… well… well… i didn’t…

Happy 2021 to you all, masked or not! 😉

Me?… The lady queen of terriers!

I knew it!! I knew it!! 🙂

I know my mum… She took the whistle, she took a lot of these special treats! I knew it, we would go to the huge dogpark! ❤ So we did!

When we arrived there were a lot of clouds! We do not mind, don’t we mum? Mum, we go all the way to the water today? If i do not go in the cold water. Too cold? We’ll see, i was thinking, I am faster than mum, hahahaha! (See the arrow on the pic, that is where the water is!)
Hahaha, i went in and when mum arrived she was yelling of course. Mum, really, you know I only wet my feet, I do not want the water touching my belly! Ladies only wet their feet! ❤

On the way back, i showed who is the king of terriers! Or better: who is the queen of terriers! For once mum was ahead and she saw it too and made pics!
A dad with 5 big dogs was coming. Of course the dogs were faster! 😉 Humans never learn! hahaha.
The dad seemed a bit worried because he came with very big steps. This time mum was not worried, she was proud…
I was there, waiting stoic, like a lady queen! Dogs showed me respect, I can assure you! The dad, he was afraid! Id did not understand why… I had everything under control! Why did he put the beautiful husky on the leash, such a respectful guy…
Really, humans can be stupid! I had more control than he did. Husky was angry at him, go figure! I understand him very well, mind that! 😉

At home, after 3 km, my almost 10 years old bones needed rest… yes, grandpa Lennox, I understand now…

Special times… and new habits

Well, these special days with masked humans and not masked dales go on…

I suppose mum and dad were thinking that such a masked period calls for new habits. In the morning, we both go out with dad now. Ha, but first we can wake up mum. That is fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂 The française does not understand yet you should be gentle but that is okay! 😉

After walking, we get our breakfast and breakfast dessert together! That goes all right. But I want to enjoy my breakfast dessert slowly… sissie Lizzie has another idea about that… see pics! 😉

And then… that is maybe the most special of all! Go figure this out! Normaly, when you borrow a book, a human goes to the library to borrow it. Well, not my mum these days! Her colleague number 1 especially brought it to the other part of the library (there are 2 locations, you see). And the colleague of that part, who is my very good friend since i was a puppy, she especially came to the left bank to bring mum’s borrowed book! How sweet is that!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you both, says mum!

History… repeats itself…

Dear grandpa Lennox

Yes, I know, it is a bit of a little scandal, i did not write you for a very long time… Mum says you know everything, up there at the Rainbow Bridge…
I know, I know, not nice not to get in touch, sorry!

You already heard of the new one in our building? Rex? Okay. Well, these days I often think of you… You were always looking at me thinking: she is young, that wild little one… One day… well…

I think this one day did arrive, dear grandpa, I think I understand how you felt in that time: looking at the youngsters, doing all kind of wild playing and running and you smiling about it, walking around and reading the newspaper, sniffing… These days, it is me, walking around, sniffing and laughing with these two clowns: the Française and Rex. 😉

And another thing… a few months agoo the green clothes man, when I was there for my vaccinations, called me an old dog. Mum almost got a heart attack! Yes, I know I am almost 10! But then again: nobody believes it. I also still am very playful when meeting a doggie and running a lot at the huge dogpark! Did you see me few weeks ago? I add the little film to this letter! And the pictures of the two clowns of course!! 🙂

Stay healthy up there, but I suppose there is no Covid-19 there? Or are you wearing masks too?

Big hugs, dear grandpa, from

Lady Kita van ’t Asbroek

Saturday… mud day…

These days, mornings are very nice. Me and mum, we like september very much! Mornings are cool and autumn colours appear! ❤

So this morning we went to the huge dogpark… saw all my friends again and guess what? Mum forgot to take pictures! 😦

Afterwards we were all alone and i did some inspection, still my best business. 🙂 I was running around for half an hour and afterwards mum was a bit angry… She said I made quite a devil of myself in stead of being a nice lady and watching out a bit… Hahahaha!
I was having fun! The green clothes-sir would be surprised and impressed! He says I am on old dog… go figure!

When we came home… well, less fun… paw plunger time and staying in my crate… Anyway, I needed a good nap… 😉

PS Have fun with the pics, I am in all of them… hihihi… 🙂



Heat wave is over and… new guy in town

We had this terrible heat wave here, but is gone now… Back to life for me and mum and sissie and dad… It still is Corona-life though… and it will be for quite some time, the humans think! 😦

Anyway, there is big news! In our building, at the other side, there is a new guy! A shepherd! His name is Rex and he was 2 months old when he came. I have to admit, he is a handsome guy although shepherds are not my type… 😉

He came in the heat wave so we met a few short times, he was not allowed to play long, being so young and small! But the socialising must go on, heat or not… so this lady does her very best with the youngster! 😉
Now he is already bigger and I politely say hello and than turn around to the other side when I see him.
His dad laughs with it…

But… the française and Rex are the best of friends! She is more fond of shepherds than I am, you see! 😉 Soon, when Rex is bigger and allowed to play more roughly, you will see what happens! Two of a kind, I tell you already!!!

Pics are from a few weeks ago, now he is already bigger… but no pics of that!

Yeeeey… it’s me, the real “mannequin” in our house.

Mum, really, i am the one you are looking for, in your crochet-business! You are not sure! Just believe me! 
I am very good in modelling and in fototoots, you know that. I am the model in the house! Yes, I am a real show girl! Try me!!! 🙂

What do you say? When the française is out with dad! Yes, I think you are very right, she would like to be a “mannequin” too, as the french say! 😉 We would be disturbed in our work. 😉

Okay, at noon, after lunch?! Yes, I go into the modelling business!

“Hello dear friends, my mum is a crochet mum and this airelady is showing you her makes! Today I present you a lovely bag, crocheted around a jute bag, so very strong and pure nature! A durable product.
I also show you a scarf in almost the same colour “nuances” or shades. Very soft and with a little sparkle in it. Love this one myself, but crochet mum says it is for human ladies!”

How did I do mum? 🙂
PS I also added MY beautiful black nose, not crocheted! Hahaha.

Yoohoo… handsome new guy in town!


When we were out for walks, other mums and dads often said: there is a new dog in the neighbourhood, one like yours. Others said: there is another airedale here!

After quite some time we finally had a rendez-vous with this guy. First when mum said: come on, we go out, i was not too pleased. I was having my morning nap, after our morning walk…

Then i saw we were heading for one of the dogparks. Okay, i come! I come!

Fun guranteed with this young fellow. Rolf is 1,5 years old. Yes, I know, maybe a bit too young for me, but hey… i am still good looking and i have the habit of playing with a younger one… we have the française in the house, remember!

It was fun… here are the pictures…

1000 and… summertoot in the city

I, Kita, had to tell her, of course! It is my story page! I told her last time: next time it will be my story number 1000. You do not believe me? Go and have a look yourself. See? Yes, I know I am right. I am always right! 😉

I think we have to tell that to all my friends! Oh yes, and show all the countries where I have friends! That would be great! Well, mum, sometimes you are not too silly! I admit!
Then my friends can look for their country! yes, yes, yes…

And add some pictures of the summer in our neighbourhood? Is that okay too! Yes, I mean: a real fototoot and i will be good! Yes, I will try to give you a blink. I really will! Remember that story, mum? 🙂

So we made a nice walk and did a summerfototoot! A nice guy even made a pic of the two of us! Enjoy it!

PS Scroll to the end and click on the pictures to look for and see your country!!! ❤