Yes, mum!… We’ll help you!

Mum is getting  less chaos in her crocheting business, that is what I notice! Told the française: one of these days we will have to help her with the inspection! You’ll see! 😉

I was really right. Well I taught her quite well, this little rascal: she is a good inspection-member these days! Of course I have to supervise everything! ❤

It was quite fun too! At one moment, i got under these bubbles and sissie too! Mum was laughing a lot! 😉 I did not laugh that much! No help from the française to get out of it, of course. 😦 But I’m a lady, I helped her when she got under it! 😉


Yes!!!!… My famous cousin!

Mum, mum, mum… come and have a look! What? I was not allowed on the tv-typing-thing this morning? I know, but look! Mum, don’t be mad at me, just look! 😉

You see? There is my cousin Harry! ❤ He is in the magazine again! I found this on your page, could you please put it on mine too?

What? Have to do it myself, being a smartass going on the tv-typing-machien when not allowed? Okay! 😉

Dear friends: here is Harry, my cousin, in the magazine Elle with his dad! Nice view on a part of the Antwerp skyline too. So note: my cousin, my skyline and my city! In Elle! ❤

PS Do not know the date though! 😦



This heat?… Special walks! (part 1)

For weeks and weeks it is very warm here! Grass gets yellow and more of that. 😦

At noon, after lunch, that is after the lunch of mum and dad – we get nothing at lunchtime – me and mum we do the shadow walk! I prefer toos sleep when it is that warm but mum says: pee-time and walk-time. 😉

Hahaha, we have this big place before the house with grass and trees. So I call it the hopping-walk! We hop from shadow to shadow to get around the place. Today mum took the red thing and made a very long video! 15 minutes, go figure! To show you how we go from shadow to shadow and not on the hot stones, at least as less as possible! 😉

In the end there was something new! Firemen came this morning. One branch of a big tree got so dry it could fell down on the little bus-waiting-house and on the people! It was cracking and cracking dangerously so firemen came and put it down! Inspection business!!!!!

When returning home, Lizzie came home too from her shadow walk! No, silly, not alone!

PS Next time, news of the heat-fresh-in-the-morning-big-walks!

P1590428 (1000x563)






News!… New girl in town!

This is quite some news! There is a new girl in town! Even better: a new girl in our building!

This morning mum had the black speaking thing – that makes pics too – in her pocket when we met her! So this lady presents: Sas! 🙂

Sas is a spanish water dog, she is between 3 and 4 months old now! But such a cutie!!! All brown! 
In the beginning she was very shy and a bit afraid of me, but now she comes to me with a waggling tail when she sees me! 🙂 I really like this little one! ❤

The française has to calm down a bit before she can play with her, I’m afraid. But that will come too!  😉

Talking about nationalities: doggies in our building represent “Europe”: Belgium, France, Spain, Lithuania (I think)… Like this too! ❤

PS Video is too short, mum pushed on the wrong button – as usually she missed the fun!


New business!! :-) … This lady goes in the actor-business!

We’re back from the seaside! And mum does not want to post the pics yet, she says I have to wait not to bore people! Me? Bore people! Go figure! 😉

She said she had something new in mind for me! Well, what? New business? Oh, I’m in for the business-situations! Always!

What? It will make me even more famous as before? What business will that be? The actor-business? Fototoot with me as an actor? Go! 🙂

Will the monkey come too? Do we need him? All right! Okay, first some pics with my new little friend? And now I have to stand up and stand still? Oh I see, I’m acting as a horse and the monkey is the jockey! This is fun! Yes, mum, this lady is a good actor. 🙂

I have to walk to film it? Mum, you are a bad director, I have no horse harness on to make him sit steady! You see, he will fall off! I hope he did not hurt himself! 😦

In this house, no more… lions!

The older I get, the more I need to have  a good chat with my mum! 😉

Listen to this: a few days ago, on one of our walks, we met this human little pup and her mum. The little one was pointing at me and started yelling: look, look! A lion! 
I was quite embaressed with the situation. I am a king, yes, the king or better: the queen of terriers but I am not the Lion King! NOT at all! 😦

When we came home I had my chat with my mum to explain I needed to go to the hairdresser’s and soon! Better yesterday than tomorrow I said.

So we did… No, not yesterday but today! Or yes, yesterday and today! Both of us went to the very nice lady at our hotel. The française is best friends with her dog. No, not an airedale, a Berner Sennen. We both like the lady and the hotel very much. ❤ And now we are ready for summer! 🙂

For once, mum had a real good airedale-idea: a fototoot with the friendly lady! So look at the pics of before (it is mum wanting to post them, not me, I’m a bit embarrased 😦 with my lion-look) and after! In one of them I’m even giving you a blink… 😉

What do you say mum?… Lizzie, Lizzie, hear this, within a few weeks we go on holiday to our hotel! Just be a good girl, don’t spoil it, we want to go there!!! 🙂

PS You can see in the pics we love the lady, can’t you?

Big!! A really big… beast!

You know, me and mum we like to wander around on our walks in town, surely in our part of town… We criss-cross through the streets and sometimes we find surprises, very big surprises! 🙂

So once, a log time ago we met an elephant. About four years ago, with the football-madness! Heard mum and dad talk about that, it starts again, if I got it right! 😉

Okay, back to where we were: wandering around. My dogness, suddenly I saw this beast! I jumped to get over the little wall to have a good look. Damn, I forgot that stupid leash I am on during walks! 😦 Got stuck on the little wall. Did not hurt me though, so I was not too angry! 😉

Yes, mum, I see we can not go near. It is in the garden of the house! 😦 At least you have one of these picture things wth you? The speaking black one! Okay! Toot! ❤

PS No, I’m not afraid of this gorilla, he is very nice one! ❤

Yes, yes… she says yes!

Mum says my friends will get bored of always the same pics of me on the beach and in the huge dogpark and in the city and… But I like them, so I want to post them anyway. She always said no! 😦

But today? Today she said yes! Go figure my surprise! I was the one choosing! 😉

Of course picture of the beach with new friends! One is even running off the pic! hahaha! ❤

And tomorrow or the day after, the pictures of me meeting this very big beast! You will be surprised! 😉

PS Yes, mum, I want to show them ALL, I know they look alike! You said yes, remember!!!

Yeeey… arrived in new home!

Dear cousin Islay

Hope you are fine these days!!

You know, sometimes I have to have a serious chat with my mum! Oooh, yes!

So, also about this! We got such beautiful flowers a few days before Christmas and then we left for France. Mum completely forgot to send you all something!
So I had a chat about that with her and told her she should be ashamed! 😦

She was a big bit ashamed and perplexed. Told her she should make something nice and not too small for you all!
As always she listens to me! 😉

When it was ready, I could pose with it before she took it to the post! And now, she called me and said: have a look! And… I saw you with the airedale pillow! Yeeeey, it arrived safely! And you did pose with it too!

So we can show our posing to the whole dale-world! Great!

See you some time again!

Big hugs from your cousin 

Kita van ’t Asbroek

PS Be careful with the pillow, you, cousin Islay!

PPSS On the left, you see Islay, on the right, it is woolly me! I gave a little kiss at the dalepillow! 😉