Not possible… really not!!!

Mum, really, did you see that?

What, Kita, what?

No, you did not, I knew it! Just have a careful look at the française. You don’t notice it?

What should I notice?

Oh, my dogness, you really are silly! She went to the groomer-lady, with the golden hands… remember? Well, I think she did not only get a haircut!


I am sure she also got a tail-extension! Her tail is much longer than mine! 😦
I am the biggest lady here and my tail is shorter! Go figure!

You laugh? Take that pink ribbon you have, to measure things. Surprised? You see it! Her tail is 37 cm long and mine only about 29 cm. 😦

Next time I will be asking for a tail-extension too at the lady with the golden hands! Be sure! ❤

PS Pics are not too clear, I was too excited to keep my tail still! Was wagging all the time!
PPSS Mum measured in inches too… Her ribbon has two sides! 😉








New fashion and… new hearing-business!

And a big discovery!

When we hear something going on outside, the française always rushes immediately to the window and she jumps on the windowsill to see what is happening. She runs from one window to the other to be sure she doesn’t miss what is going on and to see all doggies pass by… 😉

I only get up and walk calmly to the correct window when I hear it is worthwile to get up!!!  I hear better and I am wiser to detect the interesting noises. 🙂

And then a little while ago I did this discovery! If I fold my ear backwards, I hear even better! I tried to explain to sissie Lizzie but that is energy for nothing! She rushes around like a fool instead of listening wisely! 😦

Mum got a pic too! While she was crocheting!! ❤ Go figure!


These days? … Busy, busy, busy!

My inspection business is in full operation these days. As you know mum likes crocheting… and these days she makes a lot of things. 🙂
She can finish them, now that the big heat is over! Oh yes, we had a heatwave! Never seen before in Belgium: 40° C and more! 😦

Okay, now we are back in the usual business and I had to inspect a big blanket, very soft. Mum calls it yanille charm!

Chenille yarn, Kita, chenille yarn!

Okay, mum, yanille charm, that’s what I said all right. My head was on it and did not like to get up again! 😉 ❤ Hahahahaha!


She is the best of the whole world… my hairdresser!!!

Yes, I am very serious about this! ❤

A few days ago I went to the hairdresser’s. As my real sister Feline did 2 weeks ago! And be sure: I like my new hairdo! I’m all ready for summer! 🙂

And you know? I got a bandana with my name on it! Go figure!
Is she great? Or is she great!!!!

Look at the pics. Me and mum are becoming better and better in the selfie-business! We don’t mention the one my ear is before her eye, of course! 😉

Breaking news!!!… Unknown airedale in our neighbourhood!

Mum did not believe her eyes! She called me the day before yesterday, at 11 o’clock in the evening, when a lady sleeps her beautysleep! But I went to her and jumped on the windowsill. I saw it too! An airedale!!! And no, you silly, it was not the française with my dad. It was another human with another dale and a Jack Russell. 🙂 ❤

Next morninig, we went for our walk and we strolled through the neighbourhood… looking for a dale! Of course! Right before our home we met!! The girl is English but she lives in Italy with her humans, a Jack and a cat. She is two years old and her name is Gemma. 🙂 ❤

Gemma is a very nice girl. In the evening, after her visiting the city and taking the boat, we went to the little dogpark near our home! First we met Filou. He is in love with all airedales! 😉

Mum took a lot of pictures and was filming. Very difficult story, she says, because we were moving all the time. Well, we put them here anyway! 😉

Now Gemma left for Cologne early this morning! Have a nice trip, Gemma!

PS Have fun with all these pics and the movie in the end! 😉


Hey Feline… been to the beauty center too?

Dear Feline

It has been a long time since I saw you!  How are you doing? I think you are more than all right!! How do I know that?

Well, a few hours ago my mum called me and she said I should just have a look at the pictures. She asked if I realisd what I saw. Of course I saw immediatly it was my seaside and my beach in the picture. And that is me, I said! 😉

My mum laughed at me and said I should look again! And then I was a bit ashamed… 😦 only then I saw it was you, my sister of the same litter! Same doggie mum, same doggie dad! ❤

Mum told me you went to the same nice lady with the golden hands! That was the reason of my mistake, of course! You are very beautiful and ready for summer now! Yes, yes, I went there too! Love the nice lady. You too? I saw you got a present too! 🙂

Enjoy your new hairdo and enjoy summer! And give a big hug to your human mum too!

Big hugs

Kita van ’t Asbroek

PS Who is who in the picture? Real sisters!




Fototoot and treatparty… with 50 year old stuff!

This morning mum did a discovery… She took out an old towel to dry our beard when we got a drink.

Suddenly she realised she took a towel of 50 years old, all worn out of course! And she wanted to trow it away. Then she saw her name on it. She told us her human mum sewed her name on it when she was going to boarding school when she was 12 years old… 🙂 her human mum died 35 years ago, but the towel did not… not fair… 😦

I said we could toot! We had fun and treats! For once, Lizzie was modeling a bit as it should too, but not for too long of course! 😉

Have fun with the pics!


Special fototoot for… Hexe’s and James’ mum!

Mum, look at all these daisies, this year! We have to toot, we really do! Why? You silly, for the mum of Hexe and James! She loves daisies very much. You told me yourself. 😉

You told me too last sunday, that it was the first motherday without her mum, so she can use some daisies, can’t she? And I want to be in the pictures too, of course! ❤

So here we go! For you, Hexe’s and James’ mum! ❤

PS All the pics… we cannot choose… 😦

Finally… mystery solved!

For weeks I was asking my mum what she was doing… making all those tiny patches… again and again and again… 70 pieces!! She always said: you’ll see! I got dreaming about these patches, i saw them everywhere. Even outside I saw the same colours, go figure! 😉

But then, yesterday evening she said, come and have a look… Normally we are not allowed in the bedroom, but we went to see… me, dad and the française! 😉

Ohlala, dad and the française came and saw it was all right, only me, I had a real inspection… and i agreed… ❤  Yes, mum, you can crochet all these patches together! 🙂

And then I said she could hurry a bit so I could sleep on it… Big surprise, mum laughed at me and said: no way! This one is for my friend! 🙂

Okay, next one for me?

Newsflash!… New dogpark!

Very short newsflash because we are busu these days! Yes, we have a new dogpark near our home, we can see it from our balcony! Go figure this! 🙂

In a hurry we went there, yes the française too! And there already was a young guy: Chico! This lady had some little fun without showing of course! Why? This guy was more interested in this lady than in the young française! 😉 😉

Lizzie was running a lot, as she does… 😉

Some pics and a very, very short movie! 😉