Mum out and about with… the française?!!!!!!!!

Since this tirered-situation of mum, the world is really upside down. How come? I’ll explain it to you! 

First of all, the 2 of us, me and the française together!,  are making a big morningwalk with dad. Mum is preparing our breakfast during that time. Yes, yes, their breakfast too! 🙂

Mum is a lot at home – no library-issues anymore! But dad is not yet in the tirered-thing, so he has to work… Often, at noon, we go for a walk with mum! No, not together. Mum says that she will fall and be dragged on if we both start pulling, running after a cat. 😉 Hahahahaha! First she goes out with the française…

Imagine what this française came to tell me? She was with her feet in the river Scheldt with mum. I did not want to believe that: it is my privilege, being the lady and being the oldest! So I ran to mum to have a nice chat!

Is that true, mum? The française was in the Scheldt with you? Yes? My dogness, that is not fair, what on earth made you…

And then, mum whispered something in my ear, so the française could not hear it! ❤
And I? I grinned, I really did!! 🙂 

To be continued! 😉


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