This française?… A real rascal!!

Listen to this…

A few days ago in the dogpark, I got a treat from my mum. The française was near and gave me a bump. Treat fell down… 😦

Guess what? She was attacking me all the time while I was looking and sniffing for my treat… I went on my back so I hoped she would stop… No way! 😦

Mum saw it and made a video and she says I can show him now to all my friends! 😉

End of the story? I found my treat all right and I even got another one from mum! ❤

I have a new name for this sissie of mine: Lizzie Rascal! 🙂 🙂 What do you think of that?? 😉

PS And this is part 1 of the rascal-affaire!  To be continued! 🙂

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