Mischievous appearance… like my Mom!

Today the little story on Kita’s blog is in French!

(Pour la version originale en français cliquez ici.)

Why, you say? Well, since it is me who is teling it, go figure! 🙂 Indeed, Kita just drew my attention to a photo on our Human Mom’s computer. “Come and see for yourself!”, she said, “it’s your mom in the snow!” I cannot believe my eyes: she is in the snow? But, but… we are from the South of France! Is it snowing over there? Here, we are further north and it’s not snowing… Are you sure it’s really my Canine Mom in the picture? Well yes, it definitely is her, the beautiful Michka! ❤ Hello, Mom! Wauw!

In fact, I am a pan-European Airedale lady, you know, somewhat of a ‘globetrotter’, if you like. I was born in the South of France, afterwards I travelled a lot in the area and beyond, and finally I arrived in Belgium, where I live now. To complicate things, I’m not in the southern part of the country, where they speak French – that would be far too easy, wouldn’t it? – but in the Dutch-speaking Flemish part… Although it is a difficult language, I have been learning lots of Dutch words every day, I can tell you that! Wauw!

Apparently, I look a lot like my Canine Mom. “You have the same mischievous appearance,” Kita told me. Oh well, a chip of the old block, hey? 🙂 Our Human Mom is smiling. What does that mean? Isn’t my Canine Mom very pretty? Don’t you think so too, Dad? She’s from Ukraine, you know. I have no idea where that is, but Ms Know-It-All Kita tells me that it is a far-away country, far away from the south of France too, for that matter. That means that I have a tiny little bit of Ukrainian blood in my veins as well, right? Wauw!

Are you okay, Mom? I’m really having fun here in Belgium, with my so-called sister and with my Human Mom and Human Dad. I’m quite the handful – not sure if they can handle me… 😉 — but, then again, that’s quite normal in our line of family tradition, isn’t it? At first, I felt somewhat out of place, I must admit, but in the end it worked out very well after all, and now I am a full member of the family. Well, I’ll have to leave you at that. Big hugs, Mom! Bye!

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie

PS See the pictures in the original version!

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