Inspection.. by a lady and a clown!

A mister brought a very big box. Mum ordered it. Of course we had to inspect everything thoroughly.

Really, this française we have in the house, she is impossible! She inspects too, you know, I thaught her that. But I did not teach her to act like a fool. Don’t talk me about that, I asked mum to film and to fototoot. She had to laugh too! ❤

What do you say, mum? She acts like an airedale? Listen to me: I am an airedale and I don’t hide in boxes! What? Oooh, because I am an airelady and Lizzie is not? She is a clown, an aireclown, that’s right! 🙂

I’m very happy grandpa learned me to act as a lady, him being a real macho-sir… Mum, but the française is hopeless, how do we turn her into a lady? We need grandpa, that’s for sure! But he is at the Bridge… 😦

Maybe, just maybe… one day… just maybe… she’ll be a bit of a lady??? 😉

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