Weekend?… That is what you think!!!

Yesterday there was a parcel for mum in the mail! With someting special in it! Yes!
Airedales in the parcel! 🙂 Two heavy airedales!

Impossible you say? No, no, i tell the truth. 😉

This saturday morning it was raining cats and dogs. Yes, we have a raincoat, but still, we are quite wet: paws, tail, head. Than we have to go in our crate to dry, most of the time with the door open: training, mum is saying! We have to stay. For a saturday, I think this training is quite enough. 🙂

Not today!Mum did put the airedales before our crate and used the “AF”-word! That means: Do NOT touch, by all means, do NOT touch! Okay, mum, no problem for me, but… what about the française? 😦

I really warned her… I did! Stubborn mum never listens, she is even worse than an airedale terrier! Result? A third wet airedale! Proof is in the picture! 😉

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