Attention!… New guy in town!

Last Tuesday, I had an appointment! At the huge dogpark! With a guy! And no, it is not what you might think! 😉

I was going to meet Jake! My dogness, what a guy! He is a border collie and is 11 weeks old! Well, the française could take him for an exemple! He is obeing his dad better than I ever did! Go figure! He is a nice guy, really is! An exemple to doghood, grandpa Lennox would say!

So, we were allowed to play and run. Not too long because he is so very young, that is not good for his young bones! And mum did take pics of course… as usual we were moving to much to have sharp pictures. We even played hide and seek with our parents! We run away and were hidden. You go look in the pics for us! I ordered mum to put all the pics here!!! 😉
And there is one, with Jake flying!!!!

At the end Jake was telling me a secret (no, I will not tell you, it won’t be a secret anumore) and he gave me a lot of kisses!

PS There even is a little film (at the end!), not too ladylike though but mum wants to put it here: all the pics for the video, she said! Deal, I said!



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