Yihaaaa!… Yihaaaaa!… Yihaaaaaaaaaaa!

This morning mum was cutting the special treats! I knew it immediately: we are going somewhere special and off the leash too! That is when the special treats come too!

Off we went! 1,5 hour drive! But we arrived! I understood and needed to explain to the française: this is Rockanje! We will see a lot af dales. This is called an airedalemeeting! She remembered! Wow, she finally becomes a bit wise…

We had the whole beach! Dales everywhere! We ran a lot. Surely the française did. She ran and jumped around the double of me! 😉

In the end, when we came back to the café to have a drink and to eat, of course, she disappeared! Whistle from dad: no Lizzie. Mum calling her: no Lizzie. I thaught i had to intervene, so I barked two times! As I do at home when she is a bit naughty. Well? The française entered the scene again with a look on her face: what on earth is the problem. Go figure! Mum and dad were laughing too: she did the same thing last year, in Rockanje! She remembered! hahahaha!

Lots of pictures! Enjoy the lot! About 30 dales, mum thinks!

PS The française is the one with the red bandana! I have a white with coloured one!
PPSS One dad had treats! Just one dale behaved like a lady and was politely sitting and waiting for the treat! ME!!!!!!!



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