Yes, we helped for… warm sweater day!

A few days ago, there was this anual special day! They call it warm sweater day. That means you turn the heating system in the house very low or off. Why, mum?

It is to sensitize people to be very careful with energy! Use less energy! And why is that, mum?
Well, for our environment, Kita!

Our what? Our onvermint? Environment, silly! Remember, you are wise, now! The world we live in, nature!

I get it, to prevent that we get more heatweaves in summer and less plastic in river Scheldt and…
Yes, you got it!
So, are you ready for the toot with your old sweater… i made when you were a very young yougster! You were not yet 1 year old!

( )

There we go! Well it still fits, mum! I kept my girlie figure! Wil you toot with the française too? Yeeey, that will be fun, hahahahahaha! 😉 🙂

PS Who is who in the pictures? 😉

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