Surprises?????!!!!!… You will be surprised too!

Well, friday was  a day full of surprises! You wil be surprised!

First mum was making suitcases, mine too! I thought I was going to holiday mum’s place and got all playful! But then, mum was folding my little house too! My house never follows me to holiday mum’s place! Quite bizar! Maybe we go to France?

No, Kita, to Germany! To Cologne (Köln).

Who is called Germany? I do not know a dog friend called Germany! Well, that maybe will be the surprise?
Off we went, with the car! Lots of other cars on the road, but I’m comfortable on mum’s knees! 🙂

We arrived at a very big house and my little house went in with me and mum and dad. Then we went back down and I had to wait. Waiting is not my cup of bones!  Why aren’t we leaving and making a walk? We wait for another surprise? My dogness!
We go outside and who do I see? I know that mum, I think! 😉

YES! There is my cousin Islay! Talking about a surprise!
I first showed her the French kisses-meeting and then we started playing immediately! But we had to calm down! All those mums and dads are the same! Go figure! We meet and we have to stop playing! 😦 The mums and dads want to eat!

Off to the restaurant! All my lessons for cousin Islay worked well! She really did great: she defenitely is a well behaved city-girl! 🙂 My dogness, yes! ❤


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