Surprises? … Part 3!

So, we were in the very big house on saturday morning! Slept very well, me! 😉

Mum’s black box was whistling and she looked! Then she said I should get ready for the next surprise! Down we went: nice elevator in this big house!

Yes, mum, I see it! That’s no surprise, I know cousin Islay is here! Oh, but, oh look! Oh me, oh my, look! That is Ina and there, I see Hexe! My dogness! What is happening now?
Mum, am I dreaming? Wake me up then! This is real! Hello ladies!!! Yes, Islay, I see it, we are four ladies now, from different countries and continents, my dogness! What a meeting!
Mum, this is a bit special, isn’t it? A big bit special! Oh, my dogness! We’re going to play in a dogpark! YES!!

In the afternoon we were picknicking… but it was raining cats and dogs, so we had to go inside! Can tell you, we had fun! 😉 Four dales in one room! Mums and dads were happy we were tired… 😉 Go figure what fun we still had…

In the evening we went to the restaurant: 7 people and 4 dales! yes! This lady can tell we really behaved. In the end Ina was looking to the chicken rests, but only looking! (for a long time though!)

On the way home we met another airedale, from Austria: a gentleman meeting 4 ladies: he went a bit nuts!

Great day! To remember for ever! 🙂 ❤



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