Surprises???… The end! :-(

Dear Islay, Ina, Hexe

Yes ladies, we had a marvellous weekend and a marvellous hang out! Mum says that in Dutch we say: “Mooie liedjes duren niet lang…” I don’t know what songs have to do with this weekend. The other part about “don’t last long enough”, well, that is a bit true, no?

Thank you, ladies for all the fun we had together! With this little letter I send you the pictures of the fototoot on sunday when we were saying goodbye! We did our best for good pics with the four of us ladies, didn’t we? (Only one blooper!) As we did all weekend: we showed Cologne we are the best and sweetest gang aireladies ever!

Big hugs and kisses, for the mums and dads too, of course! Some extra love for you though, girls!! 😉 ❤




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