Story of… the lady and the castle…

Episode 1:
Yesterday morning me and mum went to the beach. Because it was high tide, I was in the dunes-business! Like that very much! ❤ Found something to play with and went nuts (words of my mum!). So I ran to the sea… to the castle a grandfather with his grandchild were defending: sea attacked! Mum was not pleased at all, although people were laughing… you’ll see in the movie she forgot she was filming… hahahahha. 🙂  Okay, I went back to the dunes-business!

Episode 2:
Yesterday evening tide was low again, and people were gone. I was allowed to inspect the castle! 😉 I was digging for the treasure… nothing to find! 😦

Episode 3:
This morning we went to the castle again… Sea destroyed it this night! Fence was gone and lay beside the castle! Still no treasure… 😦

Not to be continued, mum says… 😉

PS Blinking thing is ill… it does not always “focus”, mum says… I think the thing will be soon in big problems if I hear mum… if she talks to me like that, well… something’s rotten in the state of… this lady! 😉




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