Dangerous leap!… Saut dangereux!

Before the arrival of the heat, me, mum and dad were having a sightseeing walk. To La Roche! ❤

It is beautiful there! Mum, listen, why the other dogs can off the leash and not me? What? Because I’m not used to this kind of landscape and I do not know the dangers? Mum, listen, I can climb trees, I can manage a few rocks too! Can’t I? 😉

Oh, I see, it is a bit high! Fototoot! 😉

And then dad put me on the high orientation table so I could really see everything from the highest point! After a while and a lot of toot, dad said he was going to put me down!
Hey, I can do that myself! 😉 And I jumped!!!

Both mum and dad yelled “waaaaaa” or something like that. hahaha! I came down as a cat, on my four paws! You see, I can manage hights? 😉
Mum said I should stop behaving as a wild cat and doing dangerous things… 😦 The proof of my dangerous behavior is in the red box, she said! hahaha 🙂

Listen mum, I came down with an elegant jump, like a lady! 😉 ❤

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