Big step for dogkind:… the française learns fototooting!

Okay, yesterday CopyLizzie left… she is travelling to her new home. Oh yes, you know mum: this was not able without a fototoot of course! 😉

Mum, listen, I did the toot with CopyKita, don’t ask me to toot with CopyLizzie. That’s Lizzie’s job! 🙂 What? She can’t? She has not enough patience? We’ll try, anyway! Come on, I’ll help you! 🙂 I’m your best lady friend, remember! What are friends for? ❤

First advice: don’t get the treats out before or she goes nuts and you won’t have a toot! Believe me! For once, mum followed my advice!

I explained to the française she could sniff first, to know what it is all about. Then she has to put her nose near it and keep still! Really still! That was a bit difficult, but she got it in the end! 😉

We made more pics and I was supervising! New buwiness: supervising fototoots! Mum, me too now, in the pic! To show I did a good job! 🙂

You really did, Kita! Treats for everyone!

And then the française went nuts, as I predicted… 😉


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