Mum, please, will she ever…grow up?

This is incredible! Even after months she still is acting like a complete fool. I told her and told her again, but that does not work! 😦 So I stopped telling her and I ignore her completely! That’s for sure! 😉

When mum is going around with the noisy thing that is supposed to clean everything, the française goes nuts! She really does! She makes a complete fool of herself and most of the time she ends up in her crate… 😉 And me too, for that matter! That is not fair! I’m a lady and I don’t make a fool of myself! 😉 Mum always says that is because after the noisy thing comes the wet thing. Okay, we get a treat… so I do not protest! 😉

Mum, listen! Will she ever grow up, this française? You have your doubts? Me too! But this really is hilarious! My mum Funnygirl and her human mum taught us well, I know about the noisy thing. Does Lizzie come from somewhere without noisy things? YYou don’t know? 😦 Grandpa Lennox would have known, he was a rescue too! ❤
We have to have patience wih rescues? Oh, okay. Of course I love her! 🙂 ❤


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