As promised!… Meeting old friends in the digging business!

Promised you that I would tell about meeting my old friends! Last Sunday morning, dad, mum and me (see it, grandpa???) went to the huge dogpark! At a certain moment, I saw it and I ran to them… I heard mum and dad say: maybe it is Lucien and Sammy?!

They were right! As always, my retriever friends both were very far away from their mums! Ohlala! I ran to them, but then Sammy disappeared completely, even when her mum came and she whistled, Sammy did not come! Naughty girl! Another mum reported a lost white dog at the other end of the huge park, in the bushes. Lucien’s mum said: Lucien: get Sammy! Lucien is a very brave boy and he run and run to ‘fetch’ Sammy! I safely stayed with my mum and dad, talking to the other mums. But there they came! 🙂 Everybody reassured!

Naughty Sammy was rolling in the sand! That was funny! Lucien and me… we were exploring the digging business!
It was fun to see my friends from the tree-dogpark again! I am very happy to have so many friends every where! 🙂 ❤



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