Halloween-Kita meets… another king: Elvis!

These days are so busy! We came to the seaside, oh yes, mum has some holidays! Yesterday evening, it was time to say Hallo! And to do scary things, mum says. Well, mum and me (grandpa, you see it?), we don’t like scary Hallo’s! 

So we went to the beach and we did that in a safe and not scary way! Mum’s human pup brought me something from her petshop: another collar with lights, but a special one. This one needs the tv-typing-machine to give light! Mum thinks that is awesome and handy! 🙂 I supervised everything!
So mum saw me running on the beach, that means: she saw the light! Not me. (see video!) I did not go too far though. 😉 Mum had no collar. 😦
Some kids called me a Hallo-something-dog! Mum, I’m not scary, am I? 😦

In the morning I got up quite early and before breakfast I went for a walk with my dad! Before noon, I did some running on the beach with mum and at noon we went to the restaurant! On our way to that place we met another king: Elvis! My mum and dad were talking with their mum and dad. They were talking about grandpa and about another labrador who is at the Bridge too! A chocolate one, a sweetie! We saw a pic! 🙂 All mums and dads were talking about how much they love their doggies.

And we? The king and the lady (grandpa, you pay attention???) were playing! We get along very well! ❤  Maybe we’ll meet them one of these days on the beach, won’t we mum? Then we can run and run and run! 🙂 



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