Some changes to tell about…

Dear grandpa Lennox

Yes, it’s the little one calling!
I have some news to tell you about, I like to keep you informed, you know!

There is the whole story about the beds… One is high up, with mum’s fluffies in it! That’s special!
But there is that other one, the orthopedic bed, for your old bones. And me, I got the same, but a little one. Yes, a little one for the little one. 😉
I asked mum and dad if I could sleep in yours… as I already did. I only had to bark once and you got out and give me the place. Well, they agreed. They did put the little one elsewhere (near the big table) and now I’m in your big bed! Mum says you agree from there on the Bridge, having a huge comfy bed over there!

And then, there is that other news… maybe you’ll be a bit angry about it. Remember you always said there’s only one boss? And then you did not obey mum when dad was around, you obeyed her very well when dad was not at home. You said I had to follow that rule… but the contrary… I should obey mum and not dad when mum is around and I always obey dad when mum is in her library.
Well, this lady decided otherwise: I obey both now when both are around and I even got to play your game on the beach, obeying both of them! Don’t be too angry because I followed your rule number one: always go for treats! You always said that was the number 1-rule! Hope all this is all right with you, but I’m quite sure about that! 😉 In the end, you always agreed with this little one… And some things never change, mum says! 

Big hugs from the little one. ❤


PS I asked mum to add some pics and a short video.


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