Beach… and training? Difficult!

So we were at the seaside this weekend. Today mum is back at her library and I can tell about my adventures.

When we are at the beach, we sometimes play a game my mum calls “training”. She says it is something we need doing regularly so that I won’t forget! Sometimes mum is a bit silly: aireladies NEVER forget! Wich does not mean that aireladies always want to play that game she calls training! 😉 Life can be more interesting then mum’s games, surely at the beach! 😉

That’s why we need doing it, Kita!

So last weekend there were a lot of children and people and doggies… so very interesting! And exactly then, mum wants to play her game! I can assure you that when she decided to play the training-game, then you better get serious or you get in big trouble in stead of earning treats.

Okay, game can be fun when I do it good! Then mum often says I’m a good girl and I get some treats! And… mum filmed me being good! That’s what I want to show you. 🙂 Of course… and really, there were no bloopers this time: I was a good girl! 🙂




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