Proud to present you… my new friends!

Promised you yesterday, I would present you my new friends! I told mum which pics to choose and I put the comments with them. Just click on them to read everything! 🙂

There is also 5 secs of video to show how we played for half an hour, but the blinking box went on strike, mum says. Don’t know what that means, but mum normally knows what she says! Normally… 😉


Free friday… full friday!

Yesterday, it was free friday! We did a lot of things, me and my mum! In the morning, we went to the huge dogpark! There was a bit of a strange situation! Remember we saw a full moon on mum’s birthday? Moon did not leave Antwerp, as the king did, but still stayed a while! Full moon was in the dogpark in the morning! Quite amazing! I was running and said hello to the full moon and at the other side of the huge dogpark, I was saying hello to the rising sun! This lady never saw these two  together! Mum did, she said. But she is older! Will ask grandpa when he is awake! 🙂

On the way home, we met Pepper. Six months old Pepper. I often play with him in my little dogpark. Then Filou is there too. That’s for next time!

In the afternoon, we walked to the Scheldt. there everything was back to normal… or not completely! Grass was funny but growing again. It was low tide. And there was a part where we now just can walk into the river… before there was reed. Mum said it is a little dangerous now. Mum made lot of pics for the foreign friends! One especially for Dusty! 😉

At the yacht club, we saw birds, making their little walk too. 😉 And then we were on the dike in the turn of the Scheldt. We saw the industry, far away, of the big harbour. We also saw the little bech where you can’t go for a swim! Me is happy about that! 🙂

When we came home, I saw this amazing and odd situation: a ship on wheels, a ship that was not in the water! My dogness!

Anyway: enjoy the pics and the walk in Antwerp, on the left bank of our Scheldt! 🙂 ❤


Special day… quite busy… seems 57 is a ‘hot’ number!

For a wednesday it did not start too well… Mum went to her library very early, we just went out for a small walk this morning! Early work, grandpa Lennox said! 

Then dad went to the store and came back with something special. Grandpa said he thought to know what was going on: a birthday. But whose birthday? Grandpa said: not yours, not mine and not dad’s. So we figured out it must be mum’s birthday today!

Indeed! At noon, mum said something about ‘Google and a special pic every time she opens Chrome’, especially for her.She did not understand! Neither did we!
And mum and dad were talking all the time about 1957 and 57. Even grandpa could not figure that out! 😦
And then there was the birthday-cake! Ohoh, I wanted to see it too… No way, mum said… 😦 Mum did drink her coffee out of a cup with 1957 on it! Imagine!

In the afternoon we all went to the huge dogpark! Me and grandpa, we were the ones having the birthday-fun! 😉

‘Grandpa and me’, little one!!!

This evening, me and mum, we made our normal walk near river Scheldt. We like that very much. There everything is back to normal now: no king, no queen, no pontoonbridge, no 100.000 people crossing the Scheldt, no policemen, no soldiers, no tables and chairs… everything back to normal. Or maybe not… There was one unusual visitor: the full moon! Saying hello to me and my mum! Together with the cathedral… 🙂  ❤



Weekend-story:… walk on the beach!

Because of the pontoonbridge and all these people near our home, even the king, remember?…  and the weather being so beautiful, well… we went at the seaside and I had a great time!

As always we were walking a lot, on the beach of course. On saturday, it was a busy walk! First I met a seagull, but the poor beast was dead. What a pity. I had a good sniff but did not touch the bird… Sea will take her to bury the poor one, mum said.

Then there was the thing I could not touch! Mum seemed afraid of touching it… Sniffed! Nothing special…

Of course I did some running and I was playing with a cute white doggie!

And then it was “horses-time”. Mum put me on the leash again. She was not pleased when I barked! And she made me lay down and shut up! Well, that was the end of freedom for that walk… 😦 We were almost home anyway! 😉




Reportage! Lady Kita meets… the Belgian King and Queen!

At noon, we went out for our walk. Mum said we were going to make a bit of a special walk! There are these festivities this weekend in remembrance of 100 years ago: the first big war: World War I. 
First you have to know that in Antwerp there is NO bridge over the river Scheldt. There only are tunnels under the river: an old and small one, we call the rabbitpipe, a newer one for the highway, one for the metro and one for pedestrians only.

At the beginning of World War I when the Germans were attacking and crossing Belgium to conquer France, people of the city of Antwerp tried to escape and were running. To escape they had to cross the Scheldt… Big problem! The army made a pontoon bridge to help the people escape. For two months, Antwerp had a bridge! Width of the Scheldt here is about 400 meters. (= 0.248548477 miles)

This weekend we are celebrating that, as far as you can celebrate a war… 😦 The Belgian and Dutch army worked together and they install a pontoon bridge on the river Scheldt. If you bought a ticket in time you can cross it on saturday and sunday… All week long we could follow preperations because we live nearby on the left bank.

So, at noon, mum said we would go to get some pics for my story-page and look if the pontoon bridge was there… (They build it and take it away again after a few hours for boats to pass, they build it again etc…)
They were making the bridge when we arrived, so mum did make a lot of pics! Then a lady was talking to us, telling us she had an airedale too, and she was petting me. Then she told that when the bridge would be ready, the king and queen woul cross the Scheldt and come to the left bank. Already, at noon! It was said to happen this evening.

Mum always says that presidents and kings and queens are people like me and you, I mean jsut like you and mum and dad. She said she would proove that to me and make a pic of me with the king. We heard all the police-man and soldiers who were inspecting where he was going to walk. So the nice lady, me and mum… we looked for a good place!

Yes, she is right my mum! She really is! My dogness!!! King passed, shaked mum’s hand, the king talked to me and he said I am a very  beautiful dog! He said: “Mooie hond”, everybody could hear that!!! And then mum said: Kita, we take a pic of you with the king and we did pose for the fototoot, me and the king! But a very quick one, so pics are not that super!

Little one! The king and you, not you and the king!! Impolite dog!

Yes, grandpa: me and the king, you say it!! He’s a nice guy! He is like you and mum and everyone. But of course he had to go on! Later we also saw the queen. 🙂 We did not talk to her, but we have a pic!

Historical day: Antwerp has a bridge for a few days and I met the king… 😉


Another beautiful… misty morning!

Me and mum, we like this so much… On wednesdays mum is less library-mum than other days, that means she leaves a little later and comes home earlier. This morning, when sun was still rising, we went to the huge dogpark.

Such a beautiful misty morning, as only mornings can be during indian summer! So very beautiful! I ran and ran and ran… mum made pics and a video but she says the blinking thing did not capture all the beauty of this misty morning.

Enjoy this Belgian indian summer morning with us, friends from all over the world!