Special day… quite busy… seems 57 is a ‘hot’ number!

For a wednesday it did not start too well… Mum went to her library very early, we just went out for a small walk this morning! Early work, grandpa Lennox said! 

Then dad went to the store and came back with something special. Grandpa said he thought to know what was going on: a birthday. But whose birthday? Grandpa said: not yours, not mine and not dad’s. So we figured out it must be mum’s birthday today!

Indeed! At noon, mum said something about ‘Google and a special pic every time she opens Chrome’, especially for her.She did not understand! Neither did we!
And mum and dad were talking all the time about 1957 and 57. Even grandpa could not figure that out! 😦
And then there was the birthday-cake! Ohoh, I wanted to see it too… No way, mum said… 😦 Mum did drink her coffee out of a cup with 1957 on it! Imagine!

In the afternoon we all went to the huge dogpark! Me and grandpa, we were the ones having the birthday-fun! 😉

‘Grandpa and me’, little one!!!

This evening, me and mum, we made our normal walk near river Scheldt. We like that very much. There everything is back to normal now: no king, no queen, no pontoonbridge, no 100.000 people crossing the Scheldt, no policemen, no soldiers, no tables and chairs… everything back to normal. Or maybe not… There was one unusual visitor: the full moon! Saying hello to me and my mum! Together with the cathedral… 🙂  ❤



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