Unbelievable, incroyable, ongelooflijk, unglaublich, utrolig, 信じられない … You did it!

Mum says she is speechless! Surprise did work! Who could have thaught this? This is really unbelievable! 🙂

Here in Belgium, at midnight (summertime here), we did not break one record, we broke two! That’s the force of the aire-force, mum says… airedalefriends are very, very special… That’s what she learned in the three years I’m here… me of course, I already knew, i had not to learn that, being an airelady!

We want to thank you very, very, very, very much! We love you all! 🙂 ❤

And then, look at this! Not 1000 views, but almost 2000! Incredible! So that’s the first broken record! Second one: in less than 12 hours, 122 friends were visiting my story-telling-blog! As I say: mum is speechless… so i’m doing the talking here, as always… 😉

Thank you very much! Hope you had some fun, looking to the pics… That’s what it was about… 😉

Newsflash-question!!!… Can the aire-world break a record?

Airedale-world, this is a big day!!

Today I am posting my story number 400! I started telling in november 2011… that was to help my mum, learning how to do this. She needed it for her library! You know, she is a library-mum too! 🙂
I started telling in Dutch, that’s my second language after Wafwoof-language. But my overseas friends did not always understand… Because mum owed me a favour as I had helped her, she helped to translate in English! 😉

We like to do this, we are a very good team. We go for adventures… That means: I deliver the adventures, every-day-life-adventures, and mum delivers the pics and videos. She has a blinking box for the fototoots, I don’t!

Friends in 76 countries read my stories… i can not see who, I only see the little flag of the countries… I show you to them! Your country must be in the list otherwise wordpress does a bad job and I have to protest! Some days my friends, you look at a lot of things! One day, we even got 833 views!

And now comes my question: I want to do mum a very big pleasure, just for fun! I would like to have 1000 views on one day! That would be a surprise! Mum said that would be a record!!! I put with this story a few statistics and I’ll ask mum to put some nice pics too! If you click on the first pic and then see them all… well we should get to 1000 in no time! I’ll tell you tomorrow the results! Come on, aire-force, just for fun this time!!! You can go to old stories and see them again too! 🙂

THANKS and big hugs from Kita!


Run, and run, and run :-) … to get dry after getting wet! :-(

As said yesterday, the almost-drowning-part was on the way back from France to Belgium… not so nice a memory… 😦

Besides that the walk was great! I played with little Arthur going to France. In Bray Dunes, we had a drink, my mum and me, on a terrace with a very nice sir! I got my big drink for free! 🙂 Only mum had to pay! 🙂 I was thirsty and finished it all, so did mum with hers! 🙂

Not far from Bray Dunes, mum called me and did put me on the leash. What did she see that I did not sniff or see before her? A dead animal! 😦 That’s not a fish, mum!! What do you say? What do you think? Is it a little seal? The poor one…

Back we went… I won’t mention the almost-drowning-part again,  😉  but what came after! I stayed with my mum, very safely at her side. She wanted me to run to get warm! I was completely wet, so was my harnass and my collar… Remember? 😦

Mum learned me a new command at the seaside! She says: Sea! And points to the water! I should run all over the beach to the water, she follows me but less quickly! 🙂  Away from playing children and other humans who maybe don’t like doggies, she says… Mum does not like running…
When I’m in the mood and when there are not too many other attractive things 😉 , I do what she says! So after the very wet story, was I in the mood for a little running? I was thinking thoroughly about it and decided: yes! And I run!

Blinking box has the proof! But look carefully or you won’t see me, I seem to disappear from the video! But i’m there, I even come back!!! 😉 🙂

Little Arthur… big playtime!

Told you yesterday that I almost drowned… mum’s fault, fault of the wistle language… Well, it all happened on a very long walk!
Me and mum were walking all the way to France and back to De Panne! Along the seaside! During such a long walk (8 kms = 5 miles) lots of things can happen!

Surely with an airedale at your side! 😉

And I’m not talking about the almost-drowning-part now! That was on the way back! No, when we were going to France, I met a nice gentleman: Arthur. A real kind fellow! Two years old! His mum and dad rescued him when he was only a few months old – have to tell that at grandpa! – and he is a mix of breeds. They don’t know which! Never mind all those talks about breeds, he was such a nice and playful guy! We run and played for more than 2 kms. Then little Arthur went back home! 😦
I really liked him!
Liked his mum and dad too! I got treats and Arthur said I could finish his drink! His dad said I was a very nice and careful dog although I’m much bigger than Arthur! This time I did not tell I was an airedale-lady, it does not matter anyhow when they are so friendly and nice! 🙂 That’s what mum always says!

Mum had the blinking box, of course! 🙂

Big accident!!! … Almost drowned!

Easter holidays, nice weather! Yes, we ride to the seaside!

But… I almost could not tell this anymore!
You know I’m the airelady who likes trees and climbing, As the mum of Sam en Ike says: I’m an air-lady. I do NOT like to get wet paws. This lady does not like the water that much! At the seaside, you have to wet them, your paws,  there is the sea, you know. So okay, I wet my paws a bit in the sea water. When sea is rough or when I have to rescue my mum (remember?), well my belly gets a little wet. I hate that! I really do: I run as quick as I can to be safe and dry!

And then, there was this accident! Mum’s big fault! Oh yes! She is to blame!
On the beach are little rivers and little ponds, never deep! Mum crossed such a river to go near the sea. I stayed at the other side… Mum called me to film me with the blinking box, she called me with the wistle language, so, off I go, trhough the water!

Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not feel the beach anymore, my paws did not touch the ground anymore! Help, I was drowning! But this lady moved her paws (mum called that swimming!) and I got further and then I could stand again! Mum was so surprised that she pushed the wrong buttom on the blinking box! So, no long video, just a little bit! It will teach her to call me not knowing if the water is deep or not!

Went to explore the place delict in my way, climbing a little bit and staying dry this time!!! 😉

I was completely wet! My harness too! It took all evening and night to get dry, me in my bed and the harness in the kitchen! My dogness, what a wet adventure! From now on, this lady will look out… 😉 

Me, destroying things?… No way!

My mum is wrong! She says I destroy ever toy!! No way! She is wrong! And I’ll prove it to you!

When I was seven weeks old I came to live with grandpa and mum and dad. That was three years ago! Before I was 12 weeks old I had to learn a lot! Really many things, inside and outside! I got all kinds of toys to play with, also toys making noises… which grandpa lennox does not like!

There was my pig, making a very low noise :-), and my chicken number 1: squeeking high! 🙂

The pig is still in my box of toys! I always gently and friendly bite on it to make it talk… but it does not talk anymore!  😦 He is my best friend though. Grandpa says mum got the squeek out, being to dangerous. I don’t believe him! Mum often laughs with my pig friend: where I gently bite him, he is clean, not for the rest… 😉

And there is chicken number one, also always in my box! My chicken number one is my second best friend… chicken number one still talks! 🙂

Almost every day I play with them! That makes I played with them more than a thousand times, at least! And are they destroyed? No! You see, I don’t destroy toys!

There is also chicken number two! Mum allowes me to play with it only sometimes… Rest of the time it is in the high closet, with some other toys and the buffalo-skin-bones! Why should that be??? 😦

Because she knows you will destroy it, you chew to rough on it, you silly!! Just believe your grandpa!

My pics and the film prove the contrary, grandpa! 😉


Back in time… with grandpa Lennox!

Mum, do you have pics of grandpa Lennox when he was my age? He always says he was quite a guy in his younger days! I want to see that with my own eyes. Did you make fototoots of him too? I know he does not like it, but since you are stubborn… 😉
What do you say? No digital photography in these days? No blinking box? So, no pics? Oh, there are only a few, pics were expensive these days and they had to be good from the first time? Well, you show them or not??!!

Okay, Kita, I’l look them up, impatient aire-girl!

Look at these… Mum explains with the pics… Well, he did some bizar things, my grandpa! Standing on dogs, jumping on dogs: on his (and mine!!) French farm friend Mano (same age and also still alive!)… but he also was a very sad dog, arriving at mum’s and dad’s place… And naughty too, just like me! We are not allowed on chairs and couches… Look at that, mum!!! He does not do it anymore, neither do I… 🙂
The older he gets, the more he smiles! Great grandpa! He is so happy to have me, isn’t he? 😉 🙂 ❤

Mum, will you show these to all my friends too, please???


Place 2 B these days?… My dogpark!

Want to see funny things? Well, I invite you to come to my dogpark! Mum and the other mums and dads really had a few laughs! Me too! I had great fun and made the mums and dads laugh too!

What is this laughter all about? First there is young Eva (giant schnauzer): she always carries big sticks and if not: she thinks she is a black panter! My dogness, you should see her! Then there is my girlfriend Gitte, you know, the judo fanatic! She always puts me down with an ippon. Today she was “climbing” on Eva! See that!
There is also 14 years old Dixie (also a giant schnauzer – big sister of Eva) who wants to kiss mum’s blinking box all the time! You can see that too!

Oh, and now the big star of the day: young Stybar (berner sennen)! He is 8 months (I think) old and a friendly guy! I played with him! I performed all my tricks to make him play when he was a little tired! I did my rolling around against him, I was dancing my “butt” dance around him. I’m a real specialist in that… when I start my butt-bouncing-dance the mums and dads laugh so much they can’t stop… 😉

One thing was not that great… batteries of the blinking box were low… so no film, only pics! But I bet you will have a laugh too! 😉

Chewing? Destroying?… Me???

This afternoon grandpa Lennox and me we were in the living room. We were napping but there were always those noises keeping us awake. noises came from the cellar! Mum was clearing away things in the cellar. Big job, she was busy quite some time. She calls that holidays! 

When she came from the basement, she had things in her hands! ohohoh! I recognize that! I jump up! Wrong action, mum yells I should not jump. Okay, I sit. That seems to be better. What does she have there?

She says that she has some proof that I really was a destroying pup! These balls can be filled with treats, then you roll them to get out the treats… They were called terrier-proof!   😦
What did this lady do – before she was a lady, when she was still an aire-bandit? She did not roll, although mum showed it many times, no… Seems I chewed on it and destroyed it!

Not me, mum, you were dreaming that.

Yes, she gives them!! I can play with them! 🙂

Not for long… I made a big mistake! 😦 Started chewing again! 🙂

Living proof, Kita!

Mum says to leave them! What??? Ohoh, that face is really clear: leave it! But mum, they are great fun! What? Dangerous to swallow parts? Mum, really, who wants to swallow a ball?

You, Kita, you… lady or not! They go in the dustbin, forever!

Sometimes my mum is really impossible, really impossible!

No Goofy :-( … but new puppy in town!

Monday was almost as busy as sunday! I went to the dogpark this morning, this afternoon and this evening!Yes, mum has holidays! 🙂 Other mums have holidays too! That’s why I saw my friend Kato this morning! I was playing with Kato (Sharpei) and Amos all morning! They are small but rather tiresome. 😉 Blinking box was present! 🙂

This afternoon, I did not play… I was not for a long time in the park. Mum promised that Goofy, the other dog of the human pup, would come this evening! Fun!! Well, no fun, because no Goofy! 😦  Human pup was speaking in mum’s black box: Goofy didn’t want to get in the little car of the human pup! Imagine! Do not call an airedale stubborn, just call that Berner sennen stubborn. Big car was not at home, so no Goofy in the dogpark. And no, they can’t come by foot, it’s 30 km from here.

But there was enough animation in the dogpark! A new labrador puppy! A very young boy of four months old: Loky! Mum took pics of the oldest: my grandpa and the youngest: baby Loky! The baby was cuddled a lot by us, big dogs… 😉

And there was that huge gentleman too! He was only passing by, he did not come in the dogpark. I said hello, so did my grandpa! Nice and gentle sir of two years old. His dad said there were too many dogs and two old dogs: grandpa and Dixie. The sir does not like old dogs, his dad was thinking. Well grandpa said hello and nothing happened: his fur coat didn’t even move up. The young sir was allright! 🙂 Maybe grandpa was not old enough???

And all was in the blinking box! Isn’t that nice?!! 🙂