No Goofy :-( … but new puppy in town!

Monday was almost as busy as sunday! I went to the dogpark this morning, this afternoon and this evening!Yes, mum has holidays! 🙂 Other mums have holidays too! That’s why I saw my friend Kato this morning! I was playing with Kato (Sharpei) and Amos all morning! They are small but rather tiresome. 😉 Blinking box was present! 🙂

This afternoon, I did not play… I was not for a long time in the park. Mum promised that Goofy, the other dog of the human pup, would come this evening! Fun!! Well, no fun, because no Goofy! 😦  Human pup was speaking in mum’s black box: Goofy didn’t want to get in the little car of the human pup! Imagine! Do not call an airedale stubborn, just call that Berner sennen stubborn. Big car was not at home, so no Goofy in the dogpark. And no, they can’t come by foot, it’s 30 km from here.

But there was enough animation in the dogpark! A new labrador puppy! A very young boy of four months old: Loky! Mum took pics of the oldest: my grandpa and the youngest: baby Loky! The baby was cuddled a lot by us, big dogs… 😉

And there was that huge gentleman too! He was only passing by, he did not come in the dogpark. I said hello, so did my grandpa! Nice and gentle sir of two years old. His dad said there were too many dogs and two old dogs: grandpa and Dixie. The sir does not like old dogs, his dad was thinking. Well grandpa said hello and nothing happened: his fur coat didn’t even move up. The young sir was allright! 🙂 Maybe grandpa was not old enough???

And all was in the blinking box! Isn’t that nice?!! 🙂

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