Chewing? Destroying?… Me???

This afternoon grandpa Lennox and me we were in the living room. We were napping but there were always those noises keeping us awake. noises came from the cellar! Mum was clearing away things in the cellar. Big job, she was busy quite some time. She calls that holidays! 

When she came from the basement, she had things in her hands! ohohoh! I recognize that! I jump up! Wrong action, mum yells I should not jump. Okay, I sit. That seems to be better. What does she have there?

She says that she has some proof that I really was a destroying pup! These balls can be filled with treats, then you roll them to get out the treats… They were called terrier-proof!   😦
What did this lady do – before she was a lady, when she was still an aire-bandit? She did not roll, although mum showed it many times, no… Seems I chewed on it and destroyed it!

Not me, mum, you were dreaming that.

Yes, she gives them!! I can play with them! 🙂

Not for long… I made a big mistake! 😦 Started chewing again! 🙂

Living proof, Kita!

Mum says to leave them! What??? Ohoh, that face is really clear: leave it! But mum, they are great fun! What? Dangerous to swallow parts? Mum, really, who wants to swallow a ball?

You, Kita, you… lady or not! They go in the dustbin, forever!

Sometimes my mum is really impossible, really impossible!

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