Place 2 B these days?… My dogpark!

Want to see funny things? Well, I invite you to come to my dogpark! Mum and the other mums and dads really had a few laughs! Me too! I had great fun and made the mums and dads laugh too!

What is this laughter all about? First there is young Eva (giant schnauzer): she always carries big sticks and if not: she thinks she is a black panter! My dogness, you should see her! Then there is my girlfriend Gitte, you know, the judo fanatic! She always puts me down with an ippon. Today she was “climbing” on Eva! See that!
There is also 14 years old Dixie (also a giant schnauzer – big sister of Eva) who wants to kiss mum’s blinking box all the time! You can see that too!

Oh, and now the big star of the day: young Stybar (berner sennen)! He is 8 months (I think) old and a friendly guy! I played with him! I performed all my tricks to make him play when he was a little tired! I did my rolling around against him, I was dancing my “butt” dance around him. I’m a real specialist in that… when I start my butt-bouncing-dance the mums and dads laugh so much they can’t stop… 😉

One thing was not that great… batteries of the blinking box were low… so no film, only pics! But I bet you will have a laugh too! 😉

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