Back in time… with grandpa Lennox!

Mum, do you have pics of grandpa Lennox when he was my age? He always says he was quite a guy in his younger days! I want to see that with my own eyes. Did you make fototoots of him too? I know he does not like it, but since you are stubborn… 😉
What do you say? No digital photography in these days? No blinking box? So, no pics? Oh, there are only a few, pics were expensive these days and they had to be good from the first time? Well, you show them or not??!!

Okay, Kita, I’l look them up, impatient aire-girl!

Look at these… Mum explains with the pics… Well, he did some bizar things, my grandpa! Standing on dogs, jumping on dogs: on his (and mine!!) French farm friend Mano (same age and also still alive!)… but he also was a very sad dog, arriving at mum’s and dad’s place… And naughty too, just like me! We are not allowed on chairs and couches… Look at that, mum!!! He does not do it anymore, neither do I… 🙂
The older he gets, the more he smiles! Great grandpa! He is so happy to have me, isn’t he? 😉 🙂 ❤

Mum, will you show these to all my friends too, please???


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