Me, destroying things?… No way!

My mum is wrong! She says I destroy ever toy!! No way! She is wrong! And I’ll prove it to you!

When I was seven weeks old I came to live with grandpa and mum and dad. That was three years ago! Before I was 12 weeks old I had to learn a lot! Really many things, inside and outside! I got all kinds of toys to play with, also toys making noises… which grandpa lennox does not like!

There was my pig, making a very low noise :-), and my chicken number 1: squeeking high! 🙂

The pig is still in my box of toys! I always gently and friendly bite on it to make it talk… but it does not talk anymore!  😦 He is my best friend though. Grandpa says mum got the squeek out, being to dangerous. I don’t believe him! Mum often laughs with my pig friend: where I gently bite him, he is clean, not for the rest… 😉

And there is chicken number one, also always in my box! My chicken number one is my second best friend… chicken number one still talks! 🙂

Almost every day I play with them! That makes I played with them more than a thousand times, at least! And are they destroyed? No! You see, I don’t destroy toys!

There is also chicken number two! Mum allowes me to play with it only sometimes… Rest of the time it is in the high closet, with some other toys and the buffalo-skin-bones! Why should that be??? 😦

Because she knows you will destroy it, you chew to rough on it, you silly!! Just believe your grandpa!

My pics and the film prove the contrary, grandpa! 😉


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