Big accident!!! … Almost drowned!

Easter holidays, nice weather! Yes, we ride to the seaside!

But… I almost could not tell this anymore!
You know I’m the airelady who likes trees and climbing, As the mum of Sam en Ike says: I’m an air-lady. I do NOT like to get wet paws. This lady does not like the water that much! At the seaside, you have to wet them, your paws,  there is the sea, you know. So okay, I wet my paws a bit in the sea water. When sea is rough or when I have to rescue my mum (remember?), well my belly gets a little wet. I hate that! I really do: I run as quick as I can to be safe and dry!

And then, there was this accident! Mum’s big fault! Oh yes! She is to blame!
On the beach are little rivers and little ponds, never deep! Mum crossed such a river to go near the sea. I stayed at the other side… Mum called me to film me with the blinking box, she called me with the wistle language, so, off I go, trhough the water!

Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not feel the beach anymore, my paws did not touch the ground anymore! Help, I was drowning! But this lady moved her paws (mum called that swimming!) and I got further and then I could stand again! Mum was so surprised that she pushed the wrong buttom on the blinking box! So, no long video, just a little bit! It will teach her to call me not knowing if the water is deep or not!

Went to explore the place delict in my way, climbing a little bit and staying dry this time!!! 😉

I was completely wet! My harness too! It took all evening and night to get dry, me in my bed and the harness in the kitchen! My dogness, what a wet adventure! From now on, this lady will look out… 😉 

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