Little Arthur… big playtime!

Told you yesterday that I almost drowned… mum’s fault, fault of the wistle language… Well, it all happened on a very long walk!
Me and mum were walking all the way to France and back to De Panne! Along the seaside! During such a long walk (8 kms = 5 miles) lots of things can happen!

Surely with an airedale at your side! 😉

And I’m not talking about the almost-drowning-part now! That was on the way back! No, when we were going to France, I met a nice gentleman: Arthur. A real kind fellow! Two years old! His mum and dad rescued him when he was only a few months old – have to tell that at grandpa! – and he is a mix of breeds. They don’t know which! Never mind all those talks about breeds, he was such a nice and playful guy! We run and played for more than 2 kms. Then little Arthur went back home! 😦
I really liked him!
Liked his mum and dad too! I got treats and Arthur said I could finish his drink! His dad said I was a very nice and careful dog although I’m much bigger than Arthur! This time I did not tell I was an airedale-lady, it does not matter anyhow when they are so friendly and nice! 🙂 That’s what mum always says!

Mum had the blinking box, of course! 🙂

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