My dogness… busy Sunday!!!

Normally Sunday is a day to rest, no? Shops are closed, mums and dads are at home. Everybody should rest! Not me today! Listen to this!!

At noon, mum and dad went to the restaurant at the left bank of river Scheldt. They like that! Me too! Hurray, I could come with them. Grandpa does not like restaurants, he barks often at other people and dogs, mums says he thinks he has to guard every place he goes… Well, no… he can’t guard a restaurant: people should come in there!! 😉

I got my little bone, under the table and afterwards we made a nice walk! I like that too. We were resting a little moment, I admit…

When we came home, the black box made a noise. That black box is the box in which my mum talks. She says she hears other people talk too… Today she heard the human pup! What do you say mum? Human pup is coming with one of the dogs? Who? Shasta? Okay! We go to the dogpark to play! Yes, yes!! Dad and grandpa Lennox came too.
And for a fototoot of course. We moved a lot, so dad had to make lots of pics to have a few good ones. If you click on the pics you can see that very good! 🙂 Blinking box had no rest-day neither! 🙂

We played! And then? Well, party was not over yet! Holidaymum came to the dogpark too! With Dixie and Eva! We all got a treat of course! More playing! 🙂 No rest this sunday, until now! I’ll show you all the pics and I’m going to bed! Be sure!!! 😉

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