Like you to meet… little Wolf

Yes, you might not believe it, but we have a Wolf in our dogpark! 😉 Hahaha, at least we have there a dog called Wolf. We call him Wolfje = Little Wolf… Oh, mum says I should say ‘she’, she thinks that Wolfje is a doggie-girl.

Never mind, he, she… if we can play it’s more than okay! And play? Yes, we can! Wolfje can climb too and I share my tree when Wolfje is there! We even share it with the dad of Jazzy when he is in the dogpark, because we love her dad!! (We get treats, you know, at least sometimes…)

So today Wolfje and I were playing, as we did before. This time the blinking box was quick enough to get good pictures because Wolfje always moves and moves quickly… too quickly for a good fototoot, that’s what mum says… 😉 But she always has to say something, you know, about the pics… 😉

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