Update about… this and that!

Friday, so today grandpa Lennox and dad were in the dogpark too! Good news!Dad made some pics showing how heigh my tree is! Aha, no selfies today, but real pictures! 😉 You see, my tree is high!! And my mum almost can’t reach me when I’m all up there! 🙂

When we came home mum said the geraniums are real good flowers and that she would give them some treats! I was ready for treats too! You bet, I was ready! Well, that was a real disappointment! Flowers only got water! 😦 Mum says the treats are in the water and they are feeding the geraniums.
I prefer real treats I can chew on! What do you say mum? Geraniums don’t chew on things… Well, they must have a boring life, that’s for sure! 😉

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