Newsflash!… Mum forgot Gotcha-day!

Yesterday Grandpa Lennox told me that he should have a good talk with mum, if he was in my place. How that? He said he thought mum forgot about my Gotcha-day! How is that possible?! So, I got that talk with my mum!
I asked her if today is maybe the 21st of March? No? When is it then, this 21st of March? And then… mum realised that she forgot my Gotcha-day! My dogness, how can that be possible? Grandpa said: I told you!!!
Mum felt a bit guilty, I think, because she bought me a new toy!

The toy does not squeek 😦 but it should give cracking sounds… Did not find out the good technique yet! Started chewing… Not for that purpose, mum said! And then, we invented a new game! I think my overseas friends call it tug-o-war or something like that…
Mum and me, we both got an end of the toy and pulled! Fun!!! Then mum said: Leave it! 😦 I was not happy about that, but I did. I had to sit and stay! And mum walked away…

The she yells: YES! And I could run and start the pulling again! We did that a million times! I was so thrilled every waiting time, my dogness! It was so much fun that I forgot to be bored and stubborn! And I was so tired when we stopped playing that I even did not bark to protest! 🙂 Mum says we start again tomorrow!

Blinking box was playing too, but the results are not too good.. 😦 Anyway: have a look!


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