Free friday at the beach… part 2!

Still have stories to tell about the beach-friday! In the afternoon, we made another walk, of course! And it is still the month of March, so grandpa and me we can run off the leash! 🙂 This time, no dunes…

Tide was low so I could play and run on the beach. But suddenly there were those big galopping beasts. Yes, yes I know those are horses… My French friend has one and showed it… i only looked from far away, I’m afraid. Sssstt, don’t tell mum, she does not know!
I saw the horses, run to my mum and barked to tell her to be careful! And what did she do? She put me on the leash! I tell you! So I barked again to tell her that I don’t appreciate that! I wanted to go a little nearer, not to near of course, but a little?

Oh no, Kita, you can’t run after them! Stay!

You see, she does not know I’m afraid! She does not know that I would stop in time! But maybe she thinks the horses are afraid of me? Or afraid of the whistle-language my mum uses to call me? She protects the horses. That’s it! That’s kind of her but I do no harm, mum, I’m always very friendly even with very little dogs! Really, mum, you sometimes act a little silly! Anyway, horses were gone and I could run!

Half an hour later we met them again, very nearby… They are big, very big! 
But not only the horses, also the dog that wanted to kiss me when a very friendly woman was making a picture of me and my mum. I kept a little distance as a real lady does whith unknown gentlemen… 😉

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