Free friday?… Beach!!!

Not very ofen, but I agree with my mum in this case… We can be happy that Belgium is a little country and more important: Belgium is near the Northsea! 😉 So where ever you are in Belgium, the beach is never far away! 🙂 And that’s good news! Ike and Sam in Wyoming: you have the very big spaces, we have the sea. When your mum and dad take you on a tour to admire all that big space, well we go on a tour to see the sea! 😉
And for all the friends down under who are near the beach or in big spaces, well we have the Nortsea… 😉

Early spring and a free friday? = We go to the beach!
That’s what we did last friday! We were at the beach! In the morning, it was high tide, and then the beach is not big! So this time I could run from the sea into the dunes… Mum prefers low tide, not me…
Although I was not very sure of all this, mum disappeared a few times and I had to look for her. Really, mum can be so abstracted and then she does not know where to go, and which is the right direction. I really have to keep an eye on her or she gets lost! 😉 – That’s why my name is Kita = Japanese for North. I’m the one who always knows where is the North! That’s what mum’s human pup says! 🙂 🙂

By the way, I was in the mood for a fototoot so enjoy the pics and dunes-film (after the pics)!! No music in the film, so everybody can see it… you dream some music, I say! 😉



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