Newsflash-question!!!… Can the aire-world break a record?

Airedale-world, this is a big day!!

Today I am posting my story number 400! I started telling in november 2011… that was to help my mum, learning how to do this. She needed it for her library! You know, she is a library-mum too! 🙂
I started telling in Dutch, that’s my second language after Wafwoof-language. But my overseas friends did not always understand… Because mum owed me a favour as I had helped her, she helped to translate in English! 😉

We like to do this, we are a very good team. We go for adventures… That means: I deliver the adventures, every-day-life-adventures, and mum delivers the pics and videos. She has a blinking box for the fototoots, I don’t!

Friends in 76 countries read my stories… i can not see who, I only see the little flag of the countries… I show you to them! Your country must be in the list otherwise wordpress does a bad job and I have to protest! Some days my friends, you look at a lot of things! One day, we even got 833 views!

And now comes my question: I want to do mum a very big pleasure, just for fun! I would like to have 1000 views on one day! That would be a surprise! Mum said that would be a record!!! I put with this story a few statistics and I’ll ask mum to put some nice pics too! If you click on the first pic and then see them all… well we should get to 1000 in no time! I’ll tell you tomorrow the results! Come on, aire-force, just for fun this time!!! You can go to old stories and see them again too! 🙂

THANKS and big hugs from Kita!


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