Yoohoo… handsome new guy in town!


When we were out for walks, other mums and dads often said: there is a new dog in the neighbourhood, one like yours. Others said: there is another airedale here!

After quite some time we finally had a rendez-vous with this guy. First when mum said: come on, we go out, i was not too pleased. I was having my morning nap, after our morning walk…

Then i saw we were heading for one of the dogparks. Okay, i come! I come!

Fun guranteed with this young fellow. Rolf is 1,5 years old. Yes, I know, maybe a bit too young for me, but hey… i am still good looking and i have the habit of playing with a younger one… we have the française in the house, remember!

It was fun… here are the pictures…

1000 and… summertoot in the city

I, Kita, had to tell her, of course! It is my story page! I told her last time: next time it will be my story number 1000. You do not believe me? Go and have a look yourself. See? Yes, I know I am right. I am always right! 😉

I think we have to tell that to all my friends! Oh yes, and show all the countries where I have friends! That would be great! Well, mum, sometimes you are not too silly! I admit!
Then my friends can look for their country! yes, yes, yes…

And add some pictures of the summer in our neighbourhood? Is that okay too! Yes, I mean: a real fototoot and i will be good! Yes, I will try to give you a blink. I really will! Remember that story, mum? 🙂


So we made a nice walk and did a summerfototoot! A nice guy even made a pic of the two of us! Enjoy it!

PS Scroll to the end and click on the pictures to look for and see your country!!! ❤

Who is… who?

Really, mum, this goes too far! Really too far! I know you love me to the moon and back, but this… no… really!

I understand it very well: in the strange world of today… things are a bit different. There is this “new normal”. I know it means you have to wear a mask to take the metro and to go to a shop or to the supermarket.

But this goes too far! You can’t be me! I am the queen in this household, not you! No way! Me, the lady, will not be in a picture with you, dressed up as a dale! Forget it! Really, forget it!

What? A nice treat? Maybe more than one? I think about it! Do I or do I not, that is the question! 😉

Hahahaha, yes you won again, mum, but they are not that super, the pictures, hahaha, and I got 3!! treats! ❤

PS You see me grinning in one of the pics? 😉 😉

Right or… wrong?

Some time ago, in winter, mum got this present from a very lovely mum at the other side of the world. The present? A T-shirt! A T-shirt with on it the results of airedale training. Hahaha, mum, look, this is not true, you know that! This lady does better than that!

When we go for walks, other mums and dads ask if it is really true that I am that stubborn. Mum always friendly smiles and says nothing. I often do: Waf!

So, two weeks ago or so, my best human ladyfriend of the building came for our pre-dinner walk. We did a fototoot! 😉

I was quite good! Mum said: sit! I did! Mum said: smile! I did. But it was not good! She said sit and look to the camera… Well… the 2 mums were laughing and saying: T-shirt is right! (See pictures!) 🙂 🙂

I was a bit mad! I focused on mum, i sat down and i smiled… Stupid humans!

Mum, listen, we only put this story on my story page if you show also the movie of this morning… that proofs the T-shirt is wrong for this lady. Okay?!!! Yeeeey!

Little remark for my friends… mum is a camera dummie… she sees me but that does not mean the camera does too… explain that to her! What do you say mum? You are too busy to follow me to see if I am mischieving or not? Really, mum!!!!!!!!!!!

Learn me this… please, mum?

When I was young, my mum did a lot of reading, and she learned that to me too! 🙂 If you do not believe me, go and have a look here: Reading Kita

There is this other business of mum, I already told you about! She is crocheting! Look here: Crochet 1 and here: crochet 2

Very, very often, I am looking when she crochets. I already asked her if I could learn that too! A few days ago, mum said: okay, we will try…

Can tell you one thing: it looks easier when mum does it… 😉 😉 😉

Results??? Scroll down in the pictures to see my result! 🙂 ❤

Spring! Spring! Spring!… Why are you mad?????

Mum, don’t yell I should’t! Stop it!!!!! No, I know i am old and wise enough! STOP!

Now listen to ME!!! You say several times: spring! spring! spring! And than I do it, finally, because you repeat it so many times, so that I was concluding that I should do it! 

Why are you laughing? Laughing so hard!!! Stop laughing!!! STOP! And explain me this surrealistic behaviour! You are worse than a dale! 😦

What? A matter of language! You are joking!!! Sping! is very clear to me! It is a command to jump up! That is what I did, although I know very well it is forbidden to jump up to humans! 🙂

Stop laughing!!!! What??? Spring means in another language something else? It means: Lente! Now I see, lente is all these flowers we see, is it not?

Stay safe and healthy, you all!


Unedited… untill now!

As my grandpa told me and showed me and taught me… He always made it very clear the eldest doggie is the boss in the household. And then you need your own space, big space!

So I never allowed the Française in the same bed with me, that is cristal clear! I only twice could stay in the same bed as grandpa too, you know! ❤

But my mum, she is stubborn. If she has the idea to photograph us in the same bed, well she will, be sure of that. She is worse than the most stubborn dale! 😉

Okay, let get us done with this. Get out the treats, okay? Off we go! 😉

Result is in the pictures below! She got what she wanted, back to normal life now! 😉



Birthdayparty… like nobody has ever had before!

Today is my birthday!!! Yes, me, lady Kita, I am 9 years old today! 9! That is nice, isn’t it?

A few days ago I was sniffing in one of my mum’s boxes. She puts little papers in it, for a year. Papers which were around yarn! She said i could have an inspection business and “swimming” party for my birthday!

Today i asked for the party! First she counted the papers! 541!!!! And then… well, see the pics and video!  🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤ 😉
We shredded a lot!!!

Ooooh!!!!!!… Will this one stay?

Mum, this one will stay, no?
No???? Why not? He is not small! But small enough to fit with me in my crate when he can’t be naughty!
Why do you laugh so hard? He never will be naughty? Are you sure? 😉

Oh, he goes to England? At the other side of the sea we go to? That is far… yes. And he will leave soon? Okay: I wish him safe travels!

Are we going for a walk now? 😉

PS Mum is a bit proud on this one! No, no, not as proud as she is on me, her lady-girl! ❤ ❤ ❤



1 (one) longest tail, but… 4 (four) longest legs!!!!

This time, not much explanations needed! Remember the tail-extension 😉 of the tail of the Française? Well…

Without extentions!!!, it is me, lady Kita, who has the longest legs. Since years, mum calls me Miss long legs! And I ordered her to make a picture to show to you!

This Lizzie-girl has only one longest tail, and me?? I have four longest legs! ❤

Who wins, do you think? Yes, you are right! This mannequin-lady! 😉 🙂 ❤