Nice find… but no feast! :-(

This morning we were on the beach very early! But still we had to walk a long way before I could get of the leash… summertime, you know…

I was amusing myself in the running-business, up and down the waterline. Then I found something to play with, funny thing, made a bit noise too! Mum said something about irresponible humans and their garbage.
At one moment, I did get this special smell in my nose and off I went, mum and her explanations were not interesting! Yes: finding-business works today! Mum came to have a look and yelled that I had to drop it. 😦 No way, back in the running-business! My find!!! 😉

Ohoh, you don’t know my mum if you might think I got away with it! Whistle language! Okay, I come, but I bring my find with me. Mum is even more sly than a fox, my dogness! She did not say drop it! She said: sit. Okay, I’ll do that. 🙂  Stay? With my find? Okay. 🙂
Voilà, next moment I was on the leash. 😦

Los! (=Drop it)

What? She means it? I can’t run away anymore! Damnit, mum, that’s not fair! It’s mine, I found this good smelling thing! 😦 What is she saying? Not eat it? Okay, I can sniff at least? 😉 In the end it seemed not that good and I peed on it… no pic of that, of course! 😉






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