Mum’s puppyhood holidayplace… in a fototoot!

When my mum was a human pup, people did not travel that much around the world. Going to the seaside in our own country was a very big journey! Well, yesterday we went to see another mum and dad (the mum who makes the nice flowers!). They were staying in mum’s puppyhood holiday place! 

Back to the past, mum said. Is this place called Past, mum? No? Sometimes I really don’t understand her and her human expressions, think she means the place, though! We made a big walk in Past. We went up to a very little building, looking like a mushroom. Many stairs to do! 😦 Mum says she went there to read her books when she was a puppy. Books, I could have guessed that. 😉
Mum, here are no books?! Oh, she brought them with her  and she sat there: reading and looking to the sea! ❤
Time for a fototoot. 🙂

I agree, mum! Nice place! When do we go back? 😉

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