No more war!… Special visits today!

After a great run on the beach, me and mum and dad were going to the car! Today we visited Diksmuide! And another place too: called Vladslo. Think I’ll have to tell you a bit of history… So today I’m in the guide-business! hahaha! 🙂

Today’s visits weren’t that funny, really. Because we visited places which were very important in the Big War. The Big War in Belgium (and other parts of Europe), from 1914 till 1918. That’s hundred years ago and people do remember these years nowadays. 
A little part of Belgium never was occupied because it was flooded, on purpose. But soldiers and people had a terrible life all that time. Thousands of soldiers of all nationalities died in that war. 😦 War is always a shame, so people did build buildings to remember us of that.

Pppfff, I could not enter the museum and the building, so me and mum we walked around and made pics while dad and the other mum and dad were visiting. (Mum visited before, you know!) We enjoyed our walk though! 🙂

In the afternoon we visited a cemetary: a very special one. With more than 25.000 German soldiers burried there. That made us feel a bit sad. 😦
There is a lot more to visit in this area, but we can’t do all in one day, dad says.

No more war! Oh yes, we do agree about that, all of us! Let’s hope for peace everywhere in the world… but mum says we aren’t that far yet! 😦 Will that happen soon, mum?



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